Natural Commercial
Odor Eliminators

Commercial strength. People-safe.

Odors can greet your guests and customers with a bad first impression. Many businesses use fragrances with harmful ingredients to hide them (temporarily). Use Fresh Wave IAQ to remove bad smells, for good, and let your business speak for itself.

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Trusted by pros. Proven by science.

Offensive odors can ruin a business or location. They can make a customer’s first impression and the lasting memory of their experience. Bad smells can damage a brand’s reputation, even when other services are exceptional. Professionals in many industries trust Fresh Wave IAQ to remove bad odors and protect their business’ name.


We use the natural power of plant oils to remove odors.


No harsh, toxic chemicals means FWIAQ is not dangerous.


Independent research and testing prove it works.


Products and equipment effective on any odor, from any source.

Why Fresh Wave IAQ?

The Next Generation in Vapor Phase Technology

The new DVS25 was developed for small areas and easy, quick access. Use the easy-lift handle to move the unit from storage to treatment location — cruise ships, rental and fleet vehicles, hotel rooms, rental properties.

Even with its small size, the unit effectively mists Air & Surface Liquid or Smoke Away Liquid products to remove strong odors. The agile unit can treat an area up to 2,500 cu. ft. in 30-60 minutes.

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Science of Fresh Wave IAQ

While we use complex chemistry terms like adsorption, absorption, gas solubility, and reaction, the science behind its effectiveness is surprisingly simple.

Contact / Adsorption

Fresh Wave IAQ is delivered into an area affected by odors; it attracts and attaches to odor molecules.

Increased Solubility

Enhances ability of odorous gases to dissolve in water.


Surrounds odor molecules, neutralizing their smell.

Reaction / Biodegradation

Molecules fall to the ground and naturally biodegrade or a chemical reaction creates inert compounds.

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