Smoke Odor Eliminator

Trust Smoke Away Air & Fabric Spray to remove tobacco and cannabis smoke odors.

We scientifically designed Fresh Wave IAQ Smoke Away Air & Fabric Liquid to eliminate cannabis and tobacco smoke odors—one of the most challenging smells to remove. Unlike ozone or other harsh chemicals, Smoke Away is natural, non-toxic, biodegradable, and completely safe to use around staff and guests.

Smoke Away does not mask odors with synthetic fragrance. This blend of plant oils, bio-based surfactants, and pure water bonds with smoke odor molecules in the air and penetrated fabrics, carpeting, curtains, walls, and other porous surfaces.

Delivery Methods
  • Trigger Sprayers: For fast, targeted odor control
  • Vapor Phase Units: Mobile or stationary equipment for large rooms, without added water
  • Foggers: Compatible with most fogging machines

Equipment for Smoke Odor Removal

For removing smoke odors in large commercial spaces, Fresh Wave IAQ has developed two equipment solutions to deliver its products. Using Vapor Phase technology, no added water is needed to spray our natural odor removers to combat any odor.

Learn more about Vapor Phase Equipment from Fresh Wave IAQ >

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Product Options

Ready-to-Use Spray 

  • 32 fl. oz.

Ready-to-Use Liquid

  • 1 gallon

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