Hotel Deodorizers

Don’t let bad odors be your signature scent.

Bad smells can damage your reputation and drain your profits. When smelling undesirable odors in hotel rooms, two-thirds (66%) of travelers have complained, asked for a different room, requested a discount or refund, or cancelled their reservations, according to a Hampton Hotels survey.

The hospitality industry – especially in the over 50,000 hotels and 5 million guest rooms in the U.S. – depends on giving guests special memories and tailored experiences. Celebrations, vacations, business trips, holidays, honeymoons, and other occasions can be ruined by bad odors and the perception of an unclean environment.

Because competition is fierce, providing outstanding service has never been more important. Potential guests can be lost with one bad review on TripAdvisor or Expedia. To prevent odor complaints and unhappy customers, Fresh Wave IAQ deodorizers and odor eliminators give hotels, motels, spas, resorts, and cruise ships fast, effective, and safe odor removal.

Odor Sources
  • Smoke in hotel rooms
  • Restrooms
  • Cruise ships and casinos
  • Resorts and spas
  • Common areas (lobbies, hallways, lounges)
  • Hotel kitchens

Hampton Hotels Non-Scents Survey

Travelers who say the smell of fresh air is the best indication of a clean hotel room
Say cleaning products in more indicative.
Would chose “just fresh air” as the scent they prefer in hotel rooms.

Removing Stubborn Smoke Odors

When asked the worst smell they could experience in hotel, 60% of travelers answered the lingering scent of cigarette smoke. In some cases, “softgoods” like bedding, mattresses, curtains, furniture, and carpet have to be thrown away to get rid of set-in smoke odors.

Fresh Wave IAQ has developed a plant-based hotel odor eliminators chemically designed to eliminate smoke odors from cannabis, cigarettes, or cigars. Smoke Away Air & Surface liquid, when partnered with our innovative Vapor Phase Equipment, has proven to completely remove smoke odors from hotel rooms … in as little as 20 minutes. Because of its natural ingredients, hotel staff can be in the same room while it’s running, making it more efficient than dangerous Ozone machines.

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Benefits of Fresh Wave IAQ Hotel Deodorizing Products


Uses the natural power of plant oils to remove odors from guests and chemical cleaners.


Non-toxic, non-hazardous, biodegradable, non-flammable, and no harmful VOCs means it’s safe to use by staff, around guests.


Tested and proven to remove smells.


Products and equipment effective on any odor, from any source.

More Case Studies

Fresh Wave IAQ immediately and permanently removed severe cannabis and tobacco smoke odors in all of the guest rooms in which we tested this product. Keeping our guest rooms odor-free is a priority, [so] we are very happy to have this solution ... both highly effective and safe for use around staff and guests.

Director of Housekeeping at Treasure Island Hotel & Casino

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