Restaurant Odor Control

Get reviews about your great food, not bad odors.

About 82% of patrons think a restaurant with unclean, smelly restrooms probably also has a dirty kitchen.

Every restaurant wants to give its guests an unforgettable dining experience. But bad odors can make a restaurant memorable for the wrong reasons and keep patrons from coming back.

Celebrations, business meetings, anniversaries, birthdays, and other special occasions can be ruined by bad odors and the perception of an unclean, unhealthy location. Because competition is fierce — restaurants alone are growing at about twice the rate of the population in the U.S. — providing outstanding service and unique experiences has never been more important.

Potential customers can be lost with one negative review. To prevent complaints and incorrect assumptions about your eatery, Fresh Wave IAQ provides safe, effective restaurant odor control solutions.

Odor Sources
  • Commercial kitchen odors
  • Food smells
  • Garbage areas
  • Restrooms

Case Study: Emil’s Bistro & Marketplace

Despite its delicious food and A+ service, Emil’s Bistro & Marketplace was plagued by bad smells from its buffet, restrooms, and a shared alley dumpster. After trying many perfume-based solutions, such as Lysol sprays and other odor-masking products, the restaurant owners turned to Fresh Wave IAQ restaurant odor eliminators for help.

Thanks to Fresh Wave IAQ restaurant odor control products, Emil’s Bistro & Marketplace no longer has to worry about foul odors ruining a customer’s night out.

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Benefits of Fresh Wave IAQ


Uses the power of plant oils to remove odors from food, trash, and other restaurant odors.


Non-toxic, non-hazardous, biodegradable, non-flammable, and no harmful VOCs means it’s safe to use by staff, around guests.


Tested and proven to remove a broad range of smells.


Products and equipment effective on any odor, from any source.

Related Case Studies

Fresh Wave IAQ immediately and permanently removed severe cannabis and tobacco smoke odors in all of the guest rooms in which we tested this product. Keeping our guest rooms odor-free is a priority, [so] we are very happy to have this solution ... both highly effective and safe for use around staff and guests.

Director of Housekeeping at Treasure Island Hotel & Casino

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