Odor Eliminating Equipment

Use dry vapor units to remove odors from large or concentrated areas.

To quickly remove odors in large and commercial spaces and concentrated areas, Fresh Wave IAQ has developed equipment solutions to deliver its products. Using Vapor Phase technology, no added water is needed to spray our natural odor removers to combat any odor.

The Dry Vapor System (DVS) program provides a broad range of solutions for any odor control issue.

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DVS25, DVS45, and DVS65 Units


The new DVS25 was developed for smaller areas and easier, quicker access. Use the easy-lift handle to move the unit from storage to treatment location — cruise ships, rental and fleet vehicles, hotel rooms, rental properties.

Even with its smaller size, the unit effectively mists Air & Surface Liquid or Smoke Away Liquid products to remove strong odors. The agile unit can treat an area up to 2,500 sq. ft. in 30-40 minutes.

DVS25 Portable Vapor Phase Unit
DVS45 mobile odor eliminating unit


For mobile odor elimination, the DVS45 was designed to provide a moveable, “dry” system for application of Air & Surface or Smoke Away Liquid. Dry vapor particles are pumped from this unit to neutralize odors from surfaces, air, carpets, upholstery, draperies, bedding, wallboards, and other areas.

The unit’s castors, push bar, and lift handles allow for easy transport from one area to another—like hotel rooms and hallways, dormitories, locker rooms, office buildings, and other spaces.


When odors are concentrated in one area—dumpster rooms, loading docks, septic systems, and grease traps—the stationary DVS65 Unit can be installed. With the proper placement of the discharge piping, an invisible curtain of sub-micron sized droplets prevents odors from moving into the protected area.

Each unit is safer than an Ozone Generator and faster than a Hydroxyl Generator. There is no need to evacuate the area being treated while our Vapor Phase Units are in use.

What is Vapor Phase Technology?

All three Vapor Phase units convert liquid into small-particle Fresh Wave IAQ vapor molecules and mist them into the air, without the need for added water. These small particle size molecules enhance the odor elimination characteristics of Fresh Wave IAQ in two ways:

  1. The smaller the droplets, the greater the degree of penetration and effectiveness in removing odors.
  2. The smaller the droplets, the more Fresh Wave surface area there is to make contact with and eliminate odor molecules.

These tiny dry vapor particles are able to eliminate malodors in the air, on surfaces, and penetrating deep into fabric fibers.

Broad Spectrum Odor Elimination
  • Smoke (tobacco and cannabis)
  • Mildew
  • Skunk
  • Dead rodents
  • Chemicals
  • Sewage
  • Fuel oil
  • Food
  • Trash
  • Vomit, feces, and urine

Equipment Comparison

DVS25 Portable Vapor Phase UnitDVS25
Item #AM130AA03
Item #AM130AA03
Item #A1130
Mobility Easy-lift handle and compact design On swiveling casters and side-mounted lift handles Stationary
For Use In Hotel rooms, healthcare patient rooms, fleet vehicles, cruise ships, restrooms Hotel rooms, rental properties, dorm rooms, retail locations, restoration job sites Dumpster rooms, compactor rooms, trash chutes, loading docks, septic systems, grease traps
Size 18″ x 7.5″ x 11″ / 7.5 lbs. 18” x 20” x 28” / 55 lbs. 24” x 16” x 48” / 117 lbs.
Capacity 32 fl. oz. 2 gallons 7 gallons
Output 1.75 pints / 24 hrs. 1-5 pints / 24 hrs. 2-6 pints / 24 hrs.
Use Instructions Position, fill, plug in, and turn on; move as needed Position, fill, plug in, and turn on; move as needed Mount, fill, plug in, and turn on

Fresh Wave IAQ Vapor Phase vs. Ozone Machines

Until recently, Ozone Machines have been the only odor-removing solution available to facilities professionals. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has dedicated much time and effort detailing the harmful effects of Ozone Machines, and the health risks associated with exposure for any duration.

Fresh Wave IAQ’s Vapor Phase units provide a safer option. Because Fresh Wave IAQ products are made with natural ingredients, they can be used anywhere, anytime, even near children, pets, and individuals with compromised immune systems.

DVS Units Ozone Machines
  • Uses products made with plant oils, food-grade surfactant, and water
  • Free from harsh chemicals and synthetic masking fragrances
  • Non-toxic and readily biodegradable
  • Classified non-hazardous under the Global Harmonized System (GHS)
  • Fresh Wave IAQ Air & Surface Liquid HMIS: Health – 0, Flammability – 0, Reactivity – 0
  • M130 is safety-listed by Intertek
  • Creates highly reactive, toxic gas
  • Reactive with molecules in the air, and a potential to form harmful byproducts
  • Pungent smell
  • Potential for life-threatening illness caused by long periods of exposure (U.S. EPA, 1996a, 1996b)
  • Highly portable
  • Simple “plug and play” operation
  • Product output can be controlled, low to high
  • Run timer can be set for truly effortless use
  • Cumbersome operation and mixture
  • Eliminates odors quickly
  • Output intensity can be matched to odor severity
  • Sub-micron size Fresh Wave IAQ particles provide more effective surface penetration over a greater surface area
  • Only works at high concentrations, which are considered harmful to public health by EPA, OSHA, and FDA
  • Operational while crews are working in the space – no stoppage of work is necessary
  • Area of operation must be free of all forms of life

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Product Options

  • DVS25 Handheld Unit
    – DVS25-A 120V AC Plug
    – DVS25-B 12V Plug
  • DVS45 Mobile Unit
  • DVS65 Stationary Unit

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