The Leader in Natural, Safe, and Effective Commercial Odor Eliminators

The deep connection between smells and memory has been proven by science. One of the leading triggers of memory is smell. Bad odors in your place of business can leave negative feelings and memories in clients and customers, even when your other services impress.

Rely on Fresh Wave IAQ to safely, effectively eliminate the worst odors … and defend your company’s reputation.


You know the scents: orange citrus, cherry bomb, rose petal. They’re commonly used fragrances used to “hide” commercial odors. Despite the pleasant names, most masking fragrances are anything but natural. And other chemical-based odor removers are so harmful they cannot be used near people.

Fresh Wave IAQ uses simple science to harness the power of plants as natural odor removers. Our proprietary blend of oils from pine, aniseed, clove, lime, and other sources tackle the toughest smells without dangerous side effects.

It all starts with the quality of raw materials we use. We only use ingredients that come from nature, are sustainable, and do not hurt the environment. Each ingredient is quarantined and carefully tested before blended into Fresh Wave IAQ.

But even the best ingredients would be ruined by contaminated water. Our in-house reverse osmosis (RO) and carbon filtering systems create the purest water possible.


Fresh Wave IAQ is strong enough to battle the worst odors — from incontinence odors at healthcare facilities to cigarette smoke smells in hotels and rental cars to cleaning chemical odors in janitorial and property management — yet safe for people and the environment. Its plant-based formula is non-toxic and does not rely on chemicals to be effective.

In fact, Fresh Wave IAQ Gel and Air & Surface Spray have been recognized by the U.S. EPA as Safer Choice products. All this means you can use Fresh Wave IAQ products and not worry about the safety of your staff or customers.

Safety Data Sheets (SDSs)

Fresh Wave IAQ products conform with the United States Occupational, Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Federal Hazard Communication Standard 29 CFR 1910.1200 that requires manufacturers to be exact in the presentation of information on SDSs.


Detailed testing data proves Fresh Wave IAQ works across a variety of industrial markets. The odor-destroying powers of Fresh Wave IAQ are supported by research by independent labs, universities and olfactometry researchers. Each has proven its safety and effectiveness – something that sets Fresh Wave IAQ apart from other odor control products.

Independent firms, both in the U.S. and internationally, were used to ensure accurate, unbiased results.


Fresh Wave IAQ products have been proven effective in many industries on a broad range of odors. From sprays for the air and surfaces to additives for carpet and upholstery to continuous-release gels, there’s a solution for every industry, and every odor.

Combine FWIAQ products with our innovative Dry Vapor Phase equipment and you’ve got a total odor removal solution.

How Fresh Wave IAQ Works

While amazingly effective, the science behind Fresh Wave IAQ odor neutralizers are simple. The chemical processes involved are adsorption, absorption, gas solubility, and reaction.

Contact/ Adsorption

Fresh Wave IAQ is delivered into an area affected by odors; it attracts and attaches to odor molecules.

Increased Solubility

Enhances ability of odorous gases to dissolve in water.


FWIAQ surrounds odor molecules, neutralizing their smell.

Reaction / Biodegradation

Molecules fall to the ground and naturally biodegrade or a chemical reaction creates inert compounds.

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