A 360-Degree Strategy for Combating Foul Odors in Cancer Treatment Centers

By June 4, 2014January 28th, 2019Healthcare

One of the many unfortunate side effects of cancer is the patient odor that it causes.  In addition to serving as a reminder of the patient’s condition, it can also impact those spending time near and around the patients.

In fact, last year, a parent in Albuquerque, N.M., was asked not to come to her child’s school due to the odors associated with her cancer treatments.  This should never have to happen.

Cancer treatment centers also often experience a wide-range of odors that come from patients, as well as from cleaning agents, ostomy bags, alcohol swabs, and much more.

Thankfully, there are ways for cancer treatment centers to minimize foul odors in their facilities while also preserving patient dignity.

Fresh Wave IAQ offers 360-degree solutions for fighting foul odors in these types of facilities, which include:

  • Air & Surface Products: Ideal for rapid, targeted odor control, Fresh Wave IAQ Air & Surface products instantly bond to, and eliminate, odor molecules in the air, as well as those that have penetrated or are resting on top of fabrics or surfaces.
  • Vapor Phase Units: The M130 and 130CFM Vapor Phase Units provide a “dry” dispersion system for the efficient and economical application of Fresh Wave IAQ Air & Surface odor eliminator. This solution is ideal for fighting ongoing odors that permeate throughout a cancer treatment facility.
  • Gel Products:  The Fresh Wave IAQ Gel Products are completely non-toxic, and have a continuous release formulation that works around the clock to provide constant odor elimination, day or night.
  • Gel Wall Mount Units: The Fresh Wave IAQ Gel Mount Units are ideal for medical rooms, restrooms, long-term care resident rooms, and cancer treatment center patient rooms.

Fresh Wave IAQ products are eco-friendly and safe to use around cancer patients. The product is engineered from a proprietary blend of natural ingredients, including water and plant oils from lime, pine needles, aniseed, clove, and cedarwood.

While foul odor naturally occurs in cancer patients, it is possible to combat it with the right solutions, which will help restore patient dignity and make cancer facilities more comfortable overall.