Are Stink Bugs Calling Your Business “Home Sweet Home”?

By January 11, 2012January 30th, 2019Janitorial & Sanitation

While the holiday season may be behind us, another “season” is upon us. Tis the season for stink bugs.

Last year, particularly in the mid-Atlantic and in our nation’s capitol, a huge stinky problem descended on homes and business. And the government was not to blame.  Stink bugs had invaded.

With temperatures dropping, these bugs, which use a bothersome odor to help protect themselves against predators, come inside from yards and wooded lots and hang out in attics, basements and other cozy nooks and seek refuge in local businesses.  And once they have infiltrated, they can be very difficult to send packing.  And they truly do smell. Badly.

Once a stink bug lands on some sort of material, the smell can stay for a very long time.  For most businesses, if not all, stink bug smell removal is essential. Whether you own a restaurant, manage a hotel or other place of business that relies on foot traffic, the smell of stink bugs can send customers packing.

Experts believe that the problem will be worse as winters have more “warm-up” periods.  If during the winter, the temperature warms significantly, the stink bugs get energized and move into the working areas of businesses. The warmer the temperatures, the more the stink bugs move, and the better the chance they can land on a customer’s lap at a restaurant.

While there are creative ways to get rid of stink bugs – from homemade light repellents to aerosols to vacuum cleaners — the smell can remain. As Fresh Wave IAQ absorbs and destroys odors on the molecular level and is highly effective in eliminating the most difficult odors found (no masking of odors), it can tackle the most challenging stink bug issue for any business.

If you find your business is being infiltrated by stink bugs, please fill our contact form and one of our odor management experts will reach out to you with a solution that tackles this unique and challenging odor management situation.