Avoiding Costly Hospital Evacuations Due to Foul Odor Concerns

By November 14, 2012November 30th, 2018Hospitality

Every time we search Google News for the latest stories regarding odor management, hospital evacuations always rise to the top of the list.

For example, we came across a story from Boston where the Whidden Hospital was forced to evacuate a whole area when an unnamed, harmless odor was detected.  In addition, the Western Medical Center in Santa Ana, CA, was recently evacuated due to a gas-like smell that turned out to be completely non-toxic.

These types of evacuations can cause a tremendous burden for healthcare facilities. Not only can the financial losses be significant, but the well-being of patients and staff alike can also be extremely compromised in these situations.  It is true that severe crisis situations necessitating evacuation do exist, as recently seen in NYC during Hurricane Sandy.  However, there are certain situations where simple and non-toxic odor management solutions could have helped to avoid costly evacuations altogether.

Of course, we are biased in our belief that Fresh Wave IAQ is the ideal solution for the healthcare marketplace.  However, with more and more hospitals and long-term care facilities dropping by our website and tradeshow booths to explore using our all-natural products to fully mitigate foul odors – as opposed to masking odors with harsh chemicals and perfumes – it’s easy for us to be biased.

The bottom line is that most hospital patients, and their visiting families, are already feeling a high-level of anxiety. The right odor management solution can help reduce the number of unnecessary evacuations and allow healthcare facilities to focus on their core strength: caring for patients.