Ballparks Embrace Pets, but Should Consider Odor Control for Keeping All Fans Happy

By March 22, 2016November 30th, 2018Janitorial & Sanitation

ThinkstockPhotos-477569506-1-1024x890Dogs are an integral part of many families, and as the saying goes, they are “man’s (or woman’s) best friend.” This is why many people are understandably hesitant to leave their dogs at home for long periods of time. And leaving your pet in a hot car is clearly NEVER an option.

Fortunately, businesses are listening with many restaurants, shops, and hotels becoming more pet-friendly.

Professional ballparks are also jumping on the pet-friendly bandwagon. In fact, to bring in additional fans, ballparks are now creating pet-friendly areas within their stadiums. Pet owners can come relax and enjoy a game, while their dogs happily play nearby in a grassy dedicated area.

For example, recently PetSmart announced that they are partnering with the Arizona Diamondbacks to create a season-long dog friendly ballpark.

The retailer will have an outdoor and indoor dog park that is air-conditioned, so that even in the heat of summer dogs can run around and play. The outdoor park will feature a baseball theme complete with a baseball diamond and a grassy outfield for dogs to explore, play ball with other dogs or find their perfect “spot” to relieve themselves.

We certainly applaud being more pet-friendly, but with this new movement comes the responsibility to control any odor issues, which could diminish the ballpark experience for non-pet fans.

Fresh Wave IAQ products are 100 percent safe for animals and the environment and will easily eliminate any odors so all can enjoy the game. In addition, Fresh Wave IAQ is no stranger to providing eco-friendly odor management to sports stadiums. We have helped Camden Yards, home of the Baltimore Orioles, deal with trash odors, as well as even helped one university stadium fight bat guano odor.

The big takeaway for any sports stadium is that being pet-friendly doesn’t have to mean being smelly. So, let the fans bring their dogs to the ballpark!