Correctional facilities come with a wide-range of foul odor sources. With small cells holding many inmates, and shared toilets and kitchen areas, dealing with these bad smells, especially in very confined buildings can be a major challenge for correctional facility cleaning staff.

While many jails and prisons comply with occupancy standards, which take into account square feet per inmate, with the number of inmates per toilet and the square inches of fresh air that must be circulated, odor continues to be part of everyday life.

Developing a comprehensive odor control strategy has become paramount for correctional facilities as it reinforces new correctional facility cleaning standards.

A core part of this facility management effort should include the use of eco-friendly odor control solutions that are both safe and effective. Fresh Wave IAQ offers a full line of products that can help fight odors in any location – from the cells to the kitchens, to the showers and trash areas.

Fresh Wave IAQ is the only line of commercial-grade odor eliminating products that are non-toxic and effective on both organic and inorganic odors and available in multiple formats to address any application or environment.

Our solutions are engineered from a proprietary blend of natural ingredients including water, lime, pine needles, aniseed, clove and cedarwood, which makes them tough on odors, but gentle on the environment.

For many correctional faculties administrators, dealing with foul odors seems like an impossible challenge to overcome. Thankfully, there are solutions that effectively eliminate bad smells without the use of masking fragrances so they can be used in every location in a prison.

Are you a correctional facilities administrator seeking new solutions for fighting foul odors? Please contact Fresh Wave IAQ here.