Boutique Hotels Can Lead Category in Providing Odor-Free, Healthier Indoor Environments

By November 9, 2012November 30th, 2018Hospitality

We have all experienced a warm memory that can be triggered by the slightest of smells. This phenomenon is believed to occur as a result of the proximity of our olfactory nerve to our limbic system and amygdala (both responsible for emotions and memories).

It’s a remarkable association, and one that boutique hoteliers have been recently honing in on by pumping artificial scents into rooms and lobbies; all in the hopes of creating strong brand loyalty by stirring up peaceful memories and imprinting new ones on this delicate area of our brains.

This “scent marketing” is the latest trend in an advertising era that seems already to have crossed every auditory and visual marketing boundary. Although nothing can beat the real scent of an ocean breeze, many try to re-create it.

Boutique hotels, rated as a top growth trend for 2013, are one of the fastest growing segments in the hospitality industry. Their smaller, more intimate settings allow for the ultimate in tailoring unique experiences for hotel guests.  This includes developing signature scents conjured up by large companies.

Most of these scents are artificially produced using chemicals that are anything but natural.  And, these scents can actually cause more harm than good by exacerbating allergies or even causing asthma attacks.  This certainly would make for a very memorable experience, but most likely not the kind of memories the hotels are trying to make.

While many if these hotels are trying out new signature scents, the reality is that guest prefer their stays to be completely odor free.  As such, many hoteliers are now offering hypoallergenic rooms.  From chemical-free both products to medical-grade air purifiers, these rooms are ideal for the ever-widening audience of guests who have specialized allergy needs.

As boutique hotels are always on the cutting-edge of providing guest innovation, they should also consider new methods for keeping indoor environments odor and allergen free.   It is the ultimate in providing services that go way beyond traditional guest expectations.