When customers take their cars in to be serviced, the last thing they want is to pick up a newly repaired automobile that has acquired new odors. One of the challenges is that customers tend to be more sensitive to odors than the service personnel – who are accustomed to the smells that come from auto repair facilities. Typically, these odors come from worker uniforms that are soiled or smell like cigarette smoke, food being consumed in the cars, and left over shop rags and towels being left in the vehicles.

According to a recent Tire Business article, these foul odors can be combated by investing in an extra set of uniforms for technicians, forbidding food and beverages in the cars, and using temporary seat covers during the service periods.

In addition, it’s all too common for many automotive care shops to rely on air fresheners that merely mask foul odors with fragrances. As a result, customers drive off with their cars smelling like a mixture of flowery scents, and maintenance odors. Many of these fragrance-based solutions also contain chemicals that can be as harmful as second-hand smoke.

Fortunately, there are eco-friendly odor mitigation solutions can be highly effective, and are safe for customers and service personnel. In fact, many automotive detailers, global rental agencies and other transportation companies have embraced Fresh Wave IAQ as a key odor eliminating solution that does not use masking agents or toxic chemicals to effectively remove odors in any vehicle.

For example, Hertz is a long-time user of Fresh Wave IAQ’s natural odor eliminating technology. Hertz vehicle service attendants use the products in every car at 72 major U.S. and Canadian airport rental locations, within 1,000 off-airport locations, at 170 licensee locations across the U.S., and at London’s Heathrow and Stansted airports.

To gain more insights into Hertz’s odor management strategies, head to the Fresh Wave IAQ Blog where we had the opportunity to talk with The Hertz Corporation, as well as Matthew Tehrani, Director of Equipment & Chemistry at the auto detailer Drive & Shine. Both organizations use Fresh Wave IAQ to combat car odors, as well as educate customers on the use of eco-friendly solutions.

The automotive care marketplace is highly competitive, and one foul odor incident can cause any customer to take their business elsewhere. Many customers also share their negative experiences with friends and family, which can have an adverse impact on business. By developing the right eco-friendly odor controlling strategies, automotive care providers can fight any bad smells that come from the service process, and maintain long-term customer loyalty.