Combating Foul Dumpster Odors in the Most Extreme Heat

By April 8, 2015April 6th, 2021Janitorial & Sanitation

This spring and summer, NOAA is predicting periods of record warmth, especially in the West. In these regions, as well as other areas that typically experience summer temperatures in the 90s and beyond, this can understandably create significant challenges when it comes to dealing with trash odors.

In particular, dumpster areas in commercial buildings – hospitals, schools, hotels and the like – become a hot-bed of foul odors during these periods. And unfortunately for those visiting or working in these buildings, many of the dumpster areas are located near service, and sometimes guest, entrances – which can cause a significant rise in odor complaints from the building occupants.

How does a facility manager or building services contractor deal with this challenge? Clearly, perfume-based solutions merely mask the odors – creating a noxious mix of chemical and trash odors.

Fortunately, the Fresh Wave IAQ Spray Gel ® is effective at eliminating a broad spectrum of odors such as those in garbage dumpsters and waste receptacles, trash compactors and composting areas.

Natural, non-toxic, environmentally degradable and safe to use around people and pets, the Fresh Wave IAQ Spray Gel effectively removes odors from any environment without using caustic chemicals or scented masking agents.

For immediate, targeted odor control, spray Fresh Wave IAQ Spray Gel onto the trash, refuse or compost area to completely eliminate the source of the odor.

As highlighted in the video below, it is possible to apply the products as needed evenly and thoroughly to fully cover the odorous materials. It can also be applied via a wide nozzle trigger sprayer or with a fan tip portable sprayer while the dumpsters are empty or completely full.

The inevitable heat in the West will continue to be a challenge for commercial facilities. Fortunately, there are solutions for easily and effectively dealing with dumpster odors. To learn more about the Fresh Wave IAQ Spray Gel, click here.