Creating the Right Ambience in Hotels with Odor Management Strategies

By November 28, 2011November 30th, 2018Hospitality

For the ultracompetitive hospitality industry, creating a sense of ambiance in hotel lobbies, bars and restaurants can be a true differentiator that brings long-lasting guest loyalty.  While the design, décor and music play a major role in creating the right atmosphere, so to does “scenting.”

The idea of “scenting” in the hospitality industry is not a new concept.  The more savvy hospitality providers have been developing their own branded scents for their lobbies for some time now.  Though one of the challenges with these branded scents is that they are often over-used and can overwhelm guests.

One “ambient designer” recently urged hoteliers to better enhance their odor management strategies.   Referencing a recent study from Journal of the Human-Environmental System that highlights “how the impact of indoor air quality on the well-being and comfort of a building’s occupants are key to creating an environment which increases human performance,” this designer brings to light how foul odors are commonplace in the hospitality sector.  He also reinforces that odor matters.

Beyond managing “ambient odors” in lobbies, hotels have to deal with a myriad of foul odors – from cigarette smoke and food to bodily fluids – in the guest rooms.  And, one bad review on could cause major damage to a brand and decrease guest loyalty.

The development of smart odor management strategies allows hoteliers to offer completely odor-free rooms, which decreases guest complaints and enhances overall utilization of rooms and guest quarters.

By bringing the right odor management solutions to their guest rooms and lobby areas, hoteliers are able to provide the right ambiance, enhance guest loyalty and ultimately meet occupancy goals.  Isn’t that what its all about?