Don’t Let Dumpster Odors Spoil a Tourist Destination

By July 15, 2015April 6th, 2021Hospitality

As the U.S. economy rebounds, it is estimated that 45 percent of Americans are taking a summer vacation this year – with the most popular destinations being California, Florida, North Carolina and New York.

There is one common theme with each of these destinations, the summer heat. In fact, NOAA predicted periods of record warmth, especially in the West.

For tourist destinations that often rely on summer-season revenue to carry them through the winter months, this heat can cause significant challenges when it comes to dealing with trash odors. One foul odor complaint from a tourist, especially on sites like Yelp, can cause significant business damage.

In particular, dumpster areas at tourist destinations – whether a theme park, water park or a national park – can become a hot bed (pun intended) of foul odors, which can easily carry over into the entertaining parts of these destinations.

In addition, most dumpster areas tend to be near the food and restaurant areas, which can create an even larger opportunity for more odor complaints. Simply put, vacationers don’t like experiencing the smell of trash when they are eating their lunches.

As many facility managers and cleaning crews have discovered, dealing with these odors is a major challenge. Many professionals have also learned that perfume-based solutions merely mask the odors – creating a noxious mix of chemical and trash odors – versus eliminating the odors.

Fortunately, the Fresh Wave IAQ Spray Gel is effective at eliminating a broad spectrum of odors such as those in garbage dumpsters and waste receptacles, trash compactors and composting areas.

The natural, non-toxic and environmentally degradable solutions are safe to use around people and pets. The spray effectively removes odors from any environment without using caustic chemicals or scented masking agents.

For immediate, targeted odor control, spray the Fresh Wave IAQ Spray Gel onto the trash, refuse or compost area.

As highlighted in the video below, it is possible to apply the products as needed evenly and thoroughly to fully cover the odorous materials. It can also be applied via a wide nozzle trigger sprayer or with a fan tip portable sprayer while the dumpsters are empty or completely full.

We still have plenty of summer ahead of us, which will continue to be very hot in many common tourist destinations. Fortunately, there are solutions for easily and effectively dealing with dumpster odors. To learn more about the Fresh Wave IAQ Spray Gel, click here.