Foul Odors Create Major Business and PR Problems for Airlines

By January 24, 2012January 28th, 2019Transportation

The airline industry is highly competitive business, and with the current climate of increased security and flagging economies, customers are very discerning these days when booking their travel.

So when a noxious odor coming from the rear of an aircraft recently sent three crew members from a Boston-bound US Air flight a local hospital upon landing, the company had more than a smelly situation on deck to contend with.

Thankfully the three patients suffered no serious injuries, but the fallout from a putrid plane ride can linger long after the air has been cleared.

We may not think about it, but smells really do have an impact on the way we experience things.  Imagine how quickly a routine flight can turn into a travel nightmare if a foul odor wafts its way into the cabin.    Even if there was little the airline could have done to prevent the offending smell, chances are travelers will be looking at a competitor’s site when they book their next journey.

Not to mention that most of an offended traveler’s social network will be wallowing right along with them as they read the dashed-off tales of woe they hastily tweeted, texted and online reviewed while waiting for their baggage.  It is easy to see how an isolated odor incident can lead to more than just one lost customer, and no one wants to lose business to a stinky review.

Airlines have enough to worry about these days.  Smells should not be one of them.  Having a comprehensive odor management program is a simple process that could prevent significant economic losses.  Fresh Wave IAQ products are cost-effective, easy-to-use, and highly efficient at combating foul odors.  All flights, especially of long haul duration, could benefit from using non-toxic, odor-eliminating products that meet the most challenging odor abatement situations.

Rather than masking odors, Fresh Wave IAQ absorbs and destroys them on the molecular level and can eliminate even the most difficult smells that often lurk in airplane carpeting and upholstery, bathrooms and kitchens.

There is no need for odors on a plane to deflate an entire business structure.

And, if you airlines facility operator or manage an airline cleaning crew and have challenges managing foul odors beyond your control, please fill our contact form and one of our odor management experts will reach out to you with a solution that tackles the most challenging odor situations.