Green Sports Alliance Paves Way for Eco-Friendly Sports Arenas and Ballparks

By July 16, 2014January 30th, 2019Janitorial & Sanitation

Because sporting venues often use a tremendous amount of energy and produce literal tons of waste, creating the right green operational strategies is paramount.

Thanks to the Green Sports Alliance, sports teams, venues, and leagues can enhance their environmental performance through collaboration and information sharing.

Since 2010, the Alliance has brought together venue operators, sports team executives, and environmental scientists to exchange information and best practices in developing solutions that are cost-competitive and innovative to environmental challenges. The organization now claims 230 sports team and venue members from 20 different sporting leagues.

Later this month, the Alliance will be honoring NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman with the 2014 Green Sports Alliance Environmental Leadership Award for his visionary work and guidance in establishing NHL Green, and for promoting sustainable business practices across the League.

The Alliance also helps sporting venues develop sound eco-friendly strategies, which include the procurement of green cleaning products, and the implementation of green tactics for remediation and more.

Clearly, this effort will help sports organizations realize the true benefits of eco-friendly odor management solutions as well.  In fact, the equipment management team for the Chicago Blackhawks have employed Fresh Wave IAQ as the team’s official deodorizer for the last four years, used in the training room, locker rooms, and other odor-prone areas.

Stay tuned for more stories about how professional sporting venues are taking the right steps toward being green. In the meantime, we would like to applaud the Green Sports Alliance and its members for advancing such a worthwhile cause.