Keeping Convention Centers Smelling Fresh

By February 20, 2013November 30th, 2018Hospitality

Another week, another convention …

People come to conventions to network, make new deals, and learn about the latest innovations in their industries. Foul odors should never be a part of this equation.

Convention centers book industry events at a fast pace and the turnaround is quick. Due to heated competition from other convention centers across the nation, many facilities are under pressure to reach maximum utilization.

The last things a convention manager needs are odor complaints from organizations paying a premium to host their events in the venue. This could seriously mar the convention center’s reputation, which could cause repeat clients to host their annual symposia elsewhere.

Foul odors develop in convention centers for a variety of reasons: A musty smell may indicate the presence of moisture or mildew, and of course there are food and drink spills, body odors, and the occasional rogue smoker. These odors get trapped in the air, cling to the walls, and make their way into the ductwork of the building. Merely cleaning a convention center is often not enough.

Many convention centers might simply add fragrance into the ventilation system (much like casinos), which just gives the illusion of clean air, but does not, in fact, eliminate odors. When patrons and staff enter the convention center, there should be no trace of fragrance that some patrons could find objectionable.

By using Fresh Wave IAQ eco-friendly products, the result is a fresh smelling facility and much better working environment – the reason most people attend conventions in the first place. And there is no residual smell from deodorizers that try to mask odors.

From a business perspective, the right odor management strategy can keep trade associations and other industry organizations coming back each year with their annual events and trade shows. Recurring revenue is a much better business strategy than trying to replace events that have dropped off of the schedule due to dissatisfaction with the facility.