Odor Management and Hospitals: Nurses Fight Foul Odors Right From Their Back Pockets

By June 11, 2013November 30th, 2018Healthcare

As we’ve highlighted before, hospitals can be a breeding ground for foul odors. The business of saving lives and helping those in need can have some disagreeable side effects. From the smells of urine to wound care, food waste to dirty linens, hospitals battle foul odors at every corner.

In fact, we recently heard of nurses in several hospitals taking the matter into their own hands … literally.  The nurses determined that by carrying around 2 oz Fresh Wave IAQ Air & Surface Spray in their back pockets, they could keep any unpleasant odors at bay by using the product wherever they may be working in the hospital.

Foul odors can not only impact the patients, but staff as well, resulting in headaches, nausea, and other discomforts. In some cases, foul odors can even cause costly evacuations of a hospital. And a hospital’s staff needs to focus on the bigger issue of healing patients, as opposed to dealing with odors.

Having nurses proactively take on odor management right from their back pockets reinforces that many healthcare facilities need to develop broader odor mitigation strategies.

For example, many hospitals can benefit from the use of Fresh Wave IAQ’s wall mount units, as well as the M130 and 130CFM Vapor Phase Units. The solutions allow healthcare facilities to have a much wider reach in terms of eliminating odors in any area in a continuous fashion.

While foul odors are all too common in hospitals, fortunately, there are eco-friendly solutions that don’t mask odors with harmful chemicals.

By taking a more comprehensive approach to odor management, nurses can better focus on caring for their patients, which is the foundation for many of them getting into the healthcare profession in the first place.