Odor Remediation in the Wake of Natural Disasters

By June 24, 2015November 30th, 2018Remediation

Each year, new chaotic weather patterns have become the norm for much of the U.S. From more frequent hurricanes, tornadoes and flooding, such as the recent flooding from Tropical Storm Bill, many commercial properties and homes are challenged with getting life back to normal after these types of natural disasters.

For public facilities like municipal buildings and schools, issues such as mold, mildew and human waste from backed-up sewage lines are a major concern in post-flooding situations.  It is of the utmost importance for disaster remediation providers to restore a facility to its original state as soon as possible.

A key component in any disaster remediation plan is that it includes solid odor abatement solutions.  Providers need to also have access to natural, non-toxic and biodegradable odor eliminating solutions.  And the solutions must actually work. Foul, lingering odors will only hinder the ability for victims’ lives to return to normal.

This week, Fresh Wave IAQ will be showcasing its solutions the ServiceMaster Clean Annual Conference. These solutions can safely and effectively help treat odor challenges from fire, mold, water and other damage.

As the world continues to deal with new weather challenges, commercial facilities need to ensure continuity of operations and resume “business as normal.” Thankfully, the right odor management solutions can help get them back up and running in the wake of a natural disaster.