Ostomy Odor Eliminators

Commercial-grade ostomy odor control solutions.

Ostomy-specific products are no longer available from Fresh Wave IAQ. Consider our other products, including Air & Surface Spray and Gel, to remove ostomy odors.

After an ostomy procedure, odor management can be a challenge. By using Fresh Wave IAQ Ostomy products, strong odors from using and emptying ostomy pouches can be eliminated. By using the power of plant oils to remove waste odors, our line of commercial-grade ostomy odor control solutions are trusted by hospitals and healthcare systems across the country for its safety and effectiveness.

Fresh Wave IAQ Ostomy Drops

These drops are the best solution for destroying odors in ostomy bags or pouches. Only 4 to 12 drops are needed when emptying or applying a fresh pouch for best odor control. Fresh Wave IAQ Ostomy Drops eliminate odors completely instead of covering them up with masking fragrances. This unique technology makes Fresh Wave IAQ Ostomy Drops safe and non-toxic.

Fresh Wave IAQ Air & Surface Spray

Fresh Wave IAQ Air & Surface Spray is ideal for fast odor removal from the air, fabrics, or other surfaces. And since it’s made with natural ingredients, it’s safe to spray anywhere. The convenient 2 oz. travel spray allows users to discreetly take our Air & Surface spray on-the-go, and the 8 oz. size is ideal for use in the home.

Fresh Wave IAQ’s Air & Surface Spray ready-to-use products have earned the Environmental Protection Agency’s Safer Choice recognition. The Safer Choice label program recognizes products that are safe for use and for the environment.

Product Options

Ostomy Drops

  • Ready-to-use 2 fl. oz bottle
  • Ready-to-use 8 fl. oz bottle

Air & Surface Spray

  • Ready-to-use 2 fl. oz bottle
  • Ready-to-use 8 fl. oz bottle

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