Q&A: Matthew Tehrani, Director-Equipment & Chemistry at Drive and Shine, Discusses Eco-Friendly Odor Management and Car Care

By April 21, 2015November 30th, 2018Transportation

Many automotive car facilities – including car washes and detailing businesses – are embracing the concept of providing eco-friendly odor management services. For many operators, the ability to effectively rid customers’ cars of foul odors provides unique up-selling opportunities, while also avoiding the use of odor harmful masking chemicals.

The Fresh Wave® IAQ editors had the opportunity to interview Matthew Tehrani, Director-Equipment & Chemistry at Drive & Shine, about how his car care facility is using Fresh Wave IAQ products to provide enhanced odor elimination services.

Fresh Wave IAQ: Tell us about Drive & Shine.

Tehrani: Drive & Shine is a premier car care facility and a one-stop shop for all of your routine car-care needs. Our six locations across northern Indiana combine express and full service carwashes, detailing services, and express lube/oil services all under one roof. We are known for offering the most premium customer- and employee-focused car care centers in our communities.

Fresh Wave IAQ: Tell us about the auto detailing and odor remediation services that you offer.

Tehrani: The most popular detailing services we offer include: orbital wax protection, vinyl cleaning and conditioning, leather seat cleaning and conditioning, carpet and upholstery shampooing.

An additional service that we provide is odor elimination. We have two different odor elimination services that target different areas in the vehicle: air and surface odor removal, and carpet and upholstery odor removal.

Fresh Wave IAQ: Why did you choose the Fresh Wave IAQ Air & Surface Spray?

Tehrani: The reason we chose to use Fresh Wave IAQ in our detailing facilities is simple: it works. Fresh Wave IAQ eliminates odors by targeting the odor causing molecules and destroying them versus just masking them for temporary foul odor relief. Fresh Wave IAQ’s formula is natural and leaves the vehicle smelling very clean and fresh after application.

Fresh Wave IAQ: How does using Fresh Wave IAQ help support your add-on efforts?

Tehrani: Drive & Shine associates feel very comfortable when offering the odor elimination services to customers in need because it is a product that our associates believe in and know will do the job. Fresh Wave IAQ odor elimination is included in two out of three of our full detail packages making them highly valued by our customers.

We would like to thank Matthew for speaking with us. In addition, Fresh Wave IAQ will be showcasing its full line of solutions for car care facilities at the upcoming Car Wash Show 2015.  

Please stop by booth #3431 to see how Fresh Wave IAQ can help you achieve similar enhanced upselling opportunities like Drive & Shine.