Case Study

Body Decomposition at Apartment Building

Odor Challenge

In August 2010, a restoration team needed to address odors in an apartment complex due to decayed body remains. The summer heat and the length of time of decomposition created the most challenging odor management situation the team had ever encountered. After trying a variety of products in an attempt to eliminate the smell, they failed to remove this foul odor through the use of traditional odor management solutions.


After trying solutions that only masked the odor, the team applied the Fresh Wave IAQ Air & Surface Liquid throughout the apartment unit using a B&G Cold Fogger. Within minutes, the odor had been successfully eliminated. During this time, the team was also able to focus on other areas of the residence that needed to be remediated, rather than having to vacate the premises as is typical with using non-eco friendly odor eliminating solutions.


Following their experience with the Fresh Wave Liquid, the team’s leader declared: “This product worked great! The odor was knocked down almost immediately. I am generally a skeptic, but must admit that I have been convinced of the effectiveness of Fresh Wave IAQ.”

Odors Controlled

  • Decomposing body

Products Used

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