Case Study

Boutique Hotel: Kimpton San Diego

Odor Challenge

As a result of guests seeking unique travel experiences, boutique hotels have dramatically increased in popularity over the past several years because of their innovative design, use of the latest technologies and cutting-edge cuisine. Today’s boutiques are providing superior service and options that are creating lasting brand loyalty.

Providing clean and odor-free environments is also a priority for boutique hotel brands that provide these types of specialized guest experiences. For example, located in the Gaslamp District, the Kimpton Palomar San Diego is leading the way when it comes to eco-friendly odor control.


In addition to using a wide-range of Fresh Wave IAQ solutions, the hotel continually uses the mobile M130 Vapor Phase Unit for fighting odors in guest rooms. Much safer to use than traditional ozone machines, the unit allows the hotel cleaning staff to easily tend to all of the other cleaning needs within the rooms while odor elimination is at work. This saves money and time.

The Fresh Wave IAQ M130 Vapor Phase Units offer a “dry” dispersion system for the efficient and safe application of Fresh Wave IAQ Air & Surface odor eliminator. Fresh Wave IAQ is engineered from a proprietary blend of natural ingredients including water, lime, pine needles, aniseed, clove and cedarwood, which makes it environmentally friendly, safe to use and highly effective.


The Kimpton Palomar San Diego’s Director of Housekeeping recently shared a glowing letter with the Fresh Wave IAQ team about the hotel’s use of the M130. Here’s an excerpt from that letter:

I would like to share with you how delighted I am in your all-natural product line and the M130 Odor Elimination Machine. Here at the Palomar Hotel, we are very particular in the products we use. Your line provides my staff and myself with the assurance that we can work in our suites and guest rooms while utilizing the unit.

We have successfully been able to tackle an array of odor challenges. We have used it for smoke treatment upon a guest smoking in a room and have also used it to rid of pet odors. My staff finds the ease and quickness of its delivery quite exceptional.

As boutique hotels continue to differentiate themselves, one of the best methods to stand above the competition in the hospitality sector is to provide clean and safe environments for guests and employees. The Kimpton Palomar San Diego has emerged as a true leader when it comes to eco-friendly cleaning.

Odors Controlled

  • Cigarette, cigar, and cannabis smoke
  • Food

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