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D.C. Luxury Apartment Complex Garbage Room

Odor Challenge

The business of Washington, D.C. is often dictated by current events, government budget planning, and Congressional activities. This combination creates an environment where business, legal, and political professionals need to live and work in the city for short periods of time before they head back to their home cities and states.

To meet this need, over the past decade there has been an increase in the development of short-term furnished and unfurnished luxury apartment buildings in a city where population growth has already caused a greater demand for housing.

Due to this growth, most buildings share loading docks and trash areas, which can become a hotbed of odors–especially during the intense summer heat and humidity. For property management companies, dealing with these odors is a daily challenge.

Located in Washington D.C.’s popular Penn Quarter, The Lansburgh is a prime example of a short-term luxury apartment building that tackled this odor challenge head on and achieved tremendous cost-savings as a result.

The building’s trash compactor area was producing a high-level of foul odors, which made their way into the residential hallways through the ventilation system. The property management team from Horning Brothers, the owners of The Lansburgh, received many guest and resident complaints.


Initially, the property management team was going to invest thousands of dollars to reconstruct the ventilation system to prevent the bad odors from coming into the residential section of the building.

Rather than making an intensive capital investment, the team discovered an effective cost-saving solution—the combination use of Fresh Wave IAQ Spray Gel and Gel products.

The property management team added Spray Gel via a backpack spray on top of the trash in the compactor area, and the odor was immediately and completely neutralized. From there, the team placed Gel products in the air ventilation systems to prevent odors from entering residential areas.

Spray Gel is effective at eliminating a broad spectrum of odors such as those in garbage dumpsters and waste receptacles, trash compactors, and composting areas. In addition, Fresh Wave IAQ is an eco-friendly solution that is safe for use in all sections of short-term apartment buildings.

“In the commercial real estate sector, keeping locations safe and odor-free is vital for both making tenants happy and enhancing the value of a property,” said Monty Boland, Founder of Boland Real Estate Services in Washington, D.C. “This is a great example of how any short-term apartment building in the region can effectively deal with these very common odor issues.”


Thanks to efforts from Grainger, a distributor of Fresh Wave IAQ, who helped the property management team implement this solution, The Lansburgh no longer receives odor complaints. More importantly, it allowed the building’s owners to save money, while also implementing a solution that is safe for workers and residents.

Odors Controlled

  • Trash compactor odors

Products Used

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