Case Study

Daycare / Preschool

Odor Challenge

For any daycare facility, one of the biggest challenges is fighting foul odors. From changing diapers to kitchen odors to the class hamster, a wide-range of bad smells come with the territory. For good reason, today’s childcare facilities also want the safest cleaning solutions–including odor control.

As a full-service preschool in the mountains of Dahlonega, Georgia, Dahlonega Country Day Academy, serves as a prime example of a daycare facility that has effectively countered some significant odor challenges in the safest way possible. However, it took nearly 13 years to find the right solution that actually worked.

“For many years, we tried every possible solution–from air fresheners to scented timers–and nothing worked,” said Heather Chambers, Owner and Director of Dahlonega Country Day Academy. “We thought that we had exhausted every possible solution, until we were introduced to Fresh Wave IAQ.”


Prior to using Fresh Wave IAQ, products Chambers received many odor complaints from staff, parents, and even the children themselves. To combat these odors, the staff placed Fresh Wave IAQ Gel products in the classrooms and main care areas, a continuous release formula, for 24/7 odor control. After two months, Chambers and her team noticed that the foul odors were completely eliminated.

“Because our facility smelled like a typical childcare center, we received many odor complaints throughout the years,” added Chambers. “We tried many solutions that simply did not work, and I was even skeptical of Fresh Wave IAQ at first. However, once we tried it, the odor was completely mitigated and we received no more complaints.”


Chambers also believes that using eco-friendly products is critical for the safety of the children and staff. The use of Fresh Wave IAQ fits into her strategy of using products that are completely non-toxic, and help to reduce the facility’s overall carbon footprint.

“When we invest in a cleaning solution, it must work or we won’t continue using it,” said Chambers. “We are very happy with Fresh Wave IAQ because it actually works, is safe for everyone, and is now a core part of our overall facility cleaning strategy.”

Odors Controlled

  • Diaper
  • Food / kitchen
  • Pets
  • Restroom

Products Used

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