Case Study

Disabled Children Care Facilities

Odor Challenge

In the State of California, there’s a vast network of organizations that offer rehabilitation services for people with developmental disabilities, and pediatric sub-acute services for medically-fragile children. This network also extends to facilities that serve as daycare centers for people with disabilities who have aged out of California’s foster care system.

Although the facilities tend to be small, they provide vital care for patients with very acute needs. On a daily basis, these healthcare organizations deal with a wide-range of foul odors that come from wheelchair-bound patients with incontinence issues. As such, bathroom odors are common, as well as odors from regularly soiled laundry.


To help the facilities tackle these odor issues, facilities use Fresh Wave IAQ Gel, as well as Fresh Wave IAQ Air & Surface Spray for areas that need targeted odor control. In addition, as soiled laundry is an ongoing challenge, many have turned to using Fresh Wave IAQ Laundry Additive, a non-toxic solution used with detergent to remove the toughest odors in linens, towels and microfiber cloths.

Engineered from a proprietary blend of natural ingredients including water, lime, pine needles, aniseed, clove and cedarwood, Fresh Wave IAQ is environmentally friendly and safe to use. In addition, the Fresh Wave IAQ Gel has earned the Environmental Protection Agency’s Design for the Environment (DfE) recognition, which recognizes products that are safe for use and for the environment.


One such facility, Totally Kids, an organization with two care facilities for developmentally-disabled children under the state of California’s care, provides a wide-range of care for children with respiratory issues. It is critical that the facility does not use chemical-based aerosol sprays to cover up odors, which can be dangerous to these patients.

The ability to provide a clean, safe and odor-free environment is a critical element in providing the care that all patients deserve.

Odors Controlled

  • Restroom / body fluids
  • Soiled laundry

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