Case Study

Fire and Water Damage in Home

Odor Challenge

Members of a cleaning and restoration team were called to restore a home damaged by a fire. Charring, smoke, and water damage had ravaged the house and left behind an overpoweringly unpleasant odor. The team needed a solution to quickly and effectively eliminate the lingering odors, but still allow them to continue working in the damaged house.


The team turned to Fresh Wave IAQ to safely remove the foul smells from the air and surfaces in and around a damaged area. In these types of severe situations, Fresh Wave IAQ Gel was the ideal solution, as the product uses airflow to work. The team placed the Gel throughout the house and within one hour the smoke odor had been significantly reduced. During this time, the team focused on other areas of the house that needed to be remediated, rather than having to leave the location.


The results speak for themselves. The team’s lead reported:

“When dealing with difficult smells, we want to use a product that can quickly eliminate the odor issue but still allow us to focus on the restoration efforts. The typical ozone unit doesn’t afford us that ability. Fresh Wave IAQ products worked effectively at eliminating the nasty smells and permitted us the ability to continue our work inside the damaged structure. I would definitely recommend this product.”

Odors Controlled

  • Fire damage
  • Smoke damage
  • Water damage

Products Used

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