Case Study

Fire Damage and Smoke Odors at Elementary School

Odor Challenge

A cleaning and restoration team responded to fire damage that had destroyed two rooms at Alden Hebron Elementary School in Hebron, IL. They were tasked with quickly eliminating the severe fire and smoke odors while the teachers and school staff prepared for the quickly approaching school year.


In the past, the team would have used an Ozone machine to remove odors. Because Ozone machines are toxic to use, the entire school would need to be evacuated during clean up. In need of a safer, non-toxic solution, the team turned to Fresh Wave IAQ, who provided an M130 Vapor Phase machine — a device that safely, effectively, and efficiently delivers the Fresh Wave Air & Surface solution.


Once the Vapor Phase unit began to deliver Fresh Wave IAQ, the smoke- and fire-related odors were immediately eliminated. The Alden Hebron staff remained on the premises and completed their preparations for the new school year.

Odors Controlled

  • Fire damage
  • Smoke damage

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