Case Study

Frontier Fitness

Odor Challenge

Unlike many of the big-box fitness centers that can sometimes be overcrowded and have heavily-worn equipment, Frontier Fitness takes a different approach by providing an elite personal training facility with exclusive memberships.

A core part of Frontier Fitness’ strategy is to provide a clean, odor-free environment with state-of the art exercise equipment, and to take advantage of the latest eco-friendly solutions, including Fresh Wave IAQ.

We want our members to always feel like they are at home in our fitness center,” says Shawn Williams, Founder of Frontier Fitness. “With a smaller community of members, we offer a friendly atmosphere that feels more personalized, where everyone interacts with each other in a highly positive way. As a result, we don’t rely on traditional marketing, and all of our new members join us through word-of mouth.

“All of these elements allow us to provide a client experience that stands out from big-box gyms.”


To maintain an odor-free environment, Frontier Fitness uses Fresh Wave IAQ Gel in their bathrooms and locker rooms. Fresh Wave IAQ Vacuum Pearls are used in backpack vacuums to keep members from smelling exhaust odors while they work out.

Fresh Wave IAQ Air & Surface Spray works well for removing any sweat odors from yoga mats, equipment seat covers, and for mopping the facility. This also helps keeps mops from smelling.

“Being eco-friendly is actually a core part of our overall business strategy,” adds Williams. “We have all of our lights automated to turn off when people are not in the facility, and we avoid using any types of chemicals in our other cleaning solutions.”

“Fresh Wave IAQ is a big part of this strategy, and we believe that we need to provide a better world for future generations—and we are proud to do our part.”


“In our business, news of one bad customer experience will spread three-times faster and wider than a positive one,” says Willams. “And, since we rely on word-of-mouth for acquiring new members, we want to ensure that there are no complaints about odor.”

“Thankfully, we always get compliments on the cleanliness of the facility, and Fresh Wave IAQ plays a big role in helping us achieve this.”

Odors Controlled

  • Restrooms
  • Sweat
  • Vacuum exhaust

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