Case Study

Sewage Odor at 30 Rockefeller Plaza

Odor Challenge

The executives at The Rockefeller Center at 30 Rockefeller Plaza in New York City had a stinky situation on their hands. The building is most famous for housing the headquarters and New York studios of television network NBC — including the “Today Show”, “Saturday Night Live,” “The Tonight Show” — as well as the Rainbow Room restaurant and the famous observation deck.

The pipes within the building were circulating foul smells throughout the tourist-packed observation deck. Atop the skyscraper, the deck dubbed “Top of the Rock,” offers sightseers a bird’s eye view of the city. With up to 2.5 million visitors per year, it is one of the building’s most popular destinations; one they could not afford to shut down.


After trying many products that did not work, the company turned to Fresh Wave IAQ for a solution. A team of engineers surveyed the space and determined that the odor was coming from the sewer vent system. Sewage from many sources combined and flooded common areas with restroom smells and restaurant odors.

Two Vapor Phase units sprayed Fresh Wave IAQ Air & Surface Liquid into the ten sewer vent gas stacks located on the 64th floor. By the time the gases reached the 70th floor, where the observation terrace is located, the odor was completely gone.

During the time of the application, the observation deck also remained open for business, rather than having to close its doors as is typical with non-eco-friendly odor eliminating solutions.


30 Rockefeller Plaza continues to use Fresh Wave IAQ throughout its sewer vent system and has not dealt with any odor-related mishaps since the partnership began.

Odors Controlled

  • Sewage

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