With the widespread legalization of recreational cannabis throughout the U.S., there has been a rise in “cannabis tourism,” and now area hotels are working to meet the needs of this new type of traveler. Beyond just providing peaceful sleeping accommodations, hotels are offering vacations complete with marijuana tours, cannabis spa treatments, and much more.

Of course, some of the most obvious destinations – such as Denver and Portland – immediately come to mind as cannabis tourism hot spots. However, Ann Arbor, Michigan, and Madison, Wisconsin, are emerging cannabis tourism destinations, which further reinforces how this trend is reaching the most unlikely of places.

For boutique hotel owners, this presents a new opportunity to cater to the cannabis traveler. Though, as we highlighted last year, there is a grey legal area with this kind of move, and many hoteliers need to be very creative when it comes to allowing guests to smoke freely, while also appealing to regular guests.

And as cannabis use is becoming more normalized, not everyone is on board. For example, a small town in Alaska had to contend with a significant amount of backlash from residents who did not want tourists openly using cannabis in their locale.

One of the best ways to cater to all types of travelers, as well as local residents who do not support cannabis legalization, is to ensure that your hotel property is completely odor free by using the safest and most effective solutions.

This is why Fresh Wave IAQ recently launched its new Smoke Away Air & Fabric Liquid, specifically designed to safely and effectively eliminate severe cannabis odors without the use of harsh chemicals. The new proprietary solution is natural, non-toxic, biodegradable, and completely safe to use around staff and guests, including pets.

In product testing at Treasure Island Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Fresh Wave IAQ Smoke Away Air & Fabric Liquid dispersed through M130 Vapor Phase Units was effective in tackling the harshest cannabis and tobacco odors in an average of 30 minutes. After every test in various guest rooms, the Executive Housekeeper stated that the foul odors were non-existent.

As hoteliers begin to embrace the new frontier of cannabis tourism, now is the time to develop the most effective odor control strategies in ways that will keep all hotel guests happy.

Is your hotel balancing the needs of cannabis tourists and regular travelers? If so, please contact us here to learn more about the new Fresh Wave IAQ Smoke Away Air & Fabric Liquid solution.