Scented Products Cause Spike in Allergies, Other Health Issues

By September 26, 2012January 30th, 2019News

Surprisingly, clean, pure, unscented air is hard to come by these days.  Air fresheners, perfumes, scent-infused dishwashing detergent, even perfumed toilet paper rolls surround us. In fact, seven out of ten households use scented candles.

And the barrage of artificial smells doesn’t end there.  Whether it’s deodorant, cologne, breath mints, or hand sanitizers, it is hard to escape, and researchers are discovering that all of these products may actually be doing more harm than good by affecting our health in negative ways.

Exposure to scented goods may be linked to asthma, allergies, and migraines, among other adverse health effects.  It is estimated that nearly one in twenty people has a fragrance allergy, and that number may be growing as more scented products are brought to market each day.

It is thought these allergies are more likely to manifest as exposure to these scents increases, a compelling enough reason to take control of our indoor environments and clear the air of artificial, chemically derived scents.

Fresh Wave IAQ products are made with natural ingredients and, unlike most air fresheners, we do not use artificial scents to mask bad odors.  Instead, we eliminate foul odor at the molecular level, leaving no lingering perfume-like odors.

For schools, hospitals, and other facilities, providing safe indoor air is vital.  These types of organizations – with school children and ailing patients especially – simply cannot risk causing health and allergy issues for the people that depend on them the most.