The Dirty (and Smelly) Secrets of Hotel Rooms

By April 29, 2015November 30th, 2018Hospitality

According to the Hotel Census Database, there are more than 156,000 hotels globally. That’s about 14.5 million guest rooms. With such a vast number of hotel rooms, there is a high chance that a guest room has a nefarious and often smelly past.

A recent Yahoo! Travel story dives deep into the often-nightmarish things that happen in hotel rooms. From suicides to temporary meth labs, plenty of bad things go down in guest rooms.

The article also rightly points out that guests should stay away from rooms that smell like perfume-based cleaners. According to the article, this is a sure sign that something bad is being covered up.

For hoteliers, the article shows the underbelly of the hospitality business that many major brands don’t want you to see.

The reality is that the hospitality business is very challenging, and many hoteliers simply cannot control what happens in each room. For example, many guests simply ignore the rules when it comes to smoking in non-smoking rooms. Or many guests prefer to bring in very odiferous foods that can stink up a room for days.

The cleaning teams are the ones who need to tackle the herculean challenge of deodorizing and turning over rooms in time for the next wave of guests to arrive.

Fresh Wave IAQ has worked with many hotel and hospitality facility management crews using its mobile M130 Vapor Phase Units, which offers a “dry” dispersion system for efficient and safe application of Fresh Wave IAQ Air & Surface odor eliminator. And it works at removing odors within hours versus other methods that can keep the room out of service for days at a time.

By simply rolling in the mobile M130 and plugging it in, housekeeping staff can easily tend to all of the other cleaning needs within the rooms while odor elimination is at work. Moreover, as the M130 is much safer to use than traditional ozone machines, there is no need to keep the hotel room evacuated during the treatment. And, most important, the M130 actually eliminates odors without the use of perfume-based solutions.

While humans may do bad things in guest rooms, the reality is that business needs to keep moving forward for hoteliers. By immediately addressing any odor issue with the right solution, it is possible to continue hitting revenue per available room (RevPar) goals – even if the room has a past that should not see the light of day.