The Healthcare Resort: The Fusion of World-Class Healthcare and Personalized Hospitality

By July 27, 2016April 1st, 2021Healthcare

HC-Resort-300x200One hospitality company is leading the way when it comes to marrying quality care with a high-end hospitality approach. The Healthcare Resorts is changing patient care by offering facilities that have world-class amenities for patients, including chefs, theater rooms, games rooms, and even pubs and wine bars.

The new venture aims to counter the pressure hospitals face when needing to discharge their patients earlier than necessary. By giving patients a special care environment for short- or long-term stays, the organization is providing an option that could tremendously enhance overall health outcomes – especially for our aging population.

The good news is that these facilities are not just for the wealthy. The Healthcare Resorts are covered by Medicare, and they accept all managed care policies, as well as private pay.

To get a sense of how unique these facilities are, check out this video from The Healthcare Resorts:

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