The Hermitage Hotel: A Comprehensive Approach to Eco-Friendly Odor Management

By April 7, 2016November 30th, 2018Hospitality

The Hermitage HotelBuilt in 1910, The Hermitage Hotel is located in downtown Nashville, where it continues to serve as a timeless and elegant property frequented by tourists, celebrities, business travelers and politicians alike.

As a long time recipient of the Forbes Five-Star Award and the AAA Five Diamond Award, The Hermitage Hotel continues to garner international acclaim. The hotel has also been consistently listed on the Travel + Leisure World’s “Best List,” as well as Travel + Leisure’ Magazine’s Top 500. TripAdvisor users also named The Hermitage the “Best Pet Friendly Hotel.”

With such a storied and award-winning reputation, The Hermitage consistently takes steps to keep guests happy to ensure long-term brand loyalty. And since The Hermitage is a world-renowned “pet friendly” hotel, the cleaning staff is very proactive in its cleaning approaches. This involves implementing a natural 360-degree scent management strategy through the use of Fresh Wave IAQ solutions, which are eco-friendly and highly effective at addressing a wide range of needs.

“We continually aim to maintain the highest level of guest services with the use of safe cleaning solutions that won’t negatively impact the guest experience,” said Dee Patel, the General Manager of The Hermitage Hotel. “Solutions like Fresh Wave IAQ play a critical role in helping us ensure that the property is odor-free at all times.”

Odor-Free Guest Rooms

The hotel recently started using Fresh Wave IAQ products, including the M130 Vapor Phase Units to keep the pet-friendly guest rooms clean and fresh. The M130 works as a “dry” dispersion system for the efficient and safe application of Fresh Wave IAQ Air & Surface odor eliminator, which is comprised of natural ingredients including water, lime, pine needles, aniseed, clove and cedar wood, and is environmentally friendly and safe to use.

In fact, the M130 is much safer to use than traditional ozone machines, which omit toxic fumes unsafe for humans and animals. The all-natural Fresh Wave IAQ formula allows hotel staff to work alongside the M130 while it is in use, saving valuable time.

“In many ways, we found ozone machines to be counterproductive because they emit an additional odor after use,” added Patel. “In addition, we wanted a solution that allowed our cleaning staff to be fully productive even when the system was in use in the guest rooms.”

The Hermitage is also a non-smoking hotel, although staff are always prepared should a guest smoke in their room. If this occurs, cleaning staff will use the M130 in the hallways near these guest rooms to completely eliminate the odor.

Additional Odor Management Applications

While vacuums are effective at cleaning floors, the odors that linger in carpets may get blown out through vacuums as exhaust, creating ongoing issues. The Hermitage is now using Fresh Wave IAQ Pearl Packs for use with its bag-less vacuums to fully mitigate any odors in the lobby, guest rooms and hallways.

In addition, The Hermitage uses the Fresh Wave IAQ Gel in the stairwells that connect to their parking garage. The Hermitage is able to take advantage of the product’s continuous release formulation that works round-the-clock to provide constant odor elimination.

The hotel also uses the Fresh Wave IAQ Gel in its pantry area, which prevents any food or coffee scents from making their way into adjacent event meeting rooms.

A Healthier Choice

The Hermitage focuses its efforts on using solutions that are healthier for guests and workers. As a result, green cleaning is fundamentally important to the hotel and will continue to be a key component of its overall operations.

By using Fresh Wave IAQ, The Hermitage is taking a progressive approach to odor management with natural solutions.

“We are pleased to be on the forefront of professional cleaning by using the safest and most effective cleaning solutions throughout the entire property,” said Brad Loutsenhizer, Director of Housekeeping at The Hermitage. “Fresh Wave IAQ allows us to advance our green cleaning strategies by helping us keep the property odor free, while keeping guests safe and happy.”