Upscale Hostels Drives Need for Eco-Friendly Odor Management

By June 30, 2015November 30th, 2018Hospitality

When we think of youth hostels, many of us recall the travels of our college days. Bare bone accommodations, shared bathrooms and less then stellar service were expected. But thanks to the power of Millennials, this is all changing.

Although this savvy demographic appreciates the cost-savings in hostels, they are looking for something cooler.

According to this Wall Street Journal article, some investors are eyeing a new movement in the hospitality business – upscale youth hostels, which has been growing in Europe and is now starting in the U.S.

These accommodations look nothing like what you remember. Although there is an option to share rooms (or not), this is where the similarities to the hostels of old end. The new, boutique hostels offer features such as private bathrooms, vibrant bars with specialty cocktails, yoga classes on rooftops, and mahogany-filled rooms from interior designers.

However, there are challenges in pleasing Millennials. This demographic needs to know the rooms are extremely clean, and no odors are lingering (i.e. marijuana, food remnants, spilled liquor, cigarette smoke, etc.).

In addition, the new hostels have to compete with other low-cost options such as Airbnb.

To help overcome these challenges, we recommend that owners of these boutique hostels consider using Fresh Wave IAQ products. In particular, Fresh Wave IAQ has worked with many hotel and hospitality facility management crews using its mobile M130 Vapor Phase Units, which offers a “dry” dispersion system for efficient and safe application of Fresh Wave IAQ Air & Surface odor eliminator. And it works great.

By simply rolling in the mobile M130 and plugging it in, housekeeping staff can easily tend to all of the other cleaning needs within the rooms while odor elimination is at work.

Millennials will also be happy with the eco-friendly status of the solutions. There is no masking of odors, which can cause suspicion that something bad is being covered up. For the millennial, artificial fragrances are simply just not cool.

In the age of social media, when one negative review can go viral, the upscale youth hostel sector needs to make sure that it is taking all of the necessary steps to please guests.

By taking an eco-friendly approach to odor management, it is possible to differentiate your properties in the minds of an emerging, loyal and powerful demographic.