Attracting and Retaining Clients at Daycare Facilities with the Right Odor Management Strategies

By February 12, 2013November 30th, 2018Education

Whether it’s spilled milk, dirty diapers, baby spit up, or any combination therein, owners and managers of daycare centers have an especially challenging time getting rid of strong odors, which have a way of lingering around the facilities.

Since choosing a daycare center is one of the most important decisions a parent can make, it’s critical that these facilities have a comprehensive odor management strategy in place. When parents drop their kids off, they want to know that the environment is safe and sanitary. Otherwise, they will determine that the daycare facility does not seem clean, and quickly withdraw their child.

In addition, the child daycare marketplace is poised for major growth as the economic recession winds down and more parents join/rejoin the workforce.  As such, daycare centers are in a unique place to institute the right solutions to attract this new client base.

Many daycare centers will try using aerosol air fresheners, which contain harmful toxins and masking agents to cover up unpleasant odors. But many of these chemical cocktails are known to cause allergic reactions and respiratory upsets (like asthma attacks), and especially in children, who are more sensitive to environmental stimuli than many adults. A daycare facility needs to make children and parents feel safe and comfortable – just like home.

By implementing an odor management strategy that actually works, daycare center owners and managers are taking the right step in attracting and retaining new clients.

Using odor-eliminators that are 100% natural is the ideal solution.  These products can be used without harming adults or children – even the youngest of babies – and don’t just simply mask odors like most air fresheners on the market today.  A daycare facility that uses Fresh Wave IAQ products will be completely odor free, a quality that all parents look for when they drop off their kids.