Combating Foul Odors in the Retail Environment

By February 14, 2014January 30th, 2019Real Estate & Property Mgmt

With competition in the online arena heating up, brick-and-mortar retailers are challenged to attract and retain customers. Moreover, retail sales fell sharply in January, marking the second straight monthly decline for the sector.

These business challenges need to be effectively countered with the most innovative strategies that strike the balance between the physical and digital experience, with cost and convenience being top-of-mind.

But one simple thing can be a major business and PR detractor: foul odors. Apple recently made some waves when its Santa Monica store had to deal with pungent “human odors,” which it turns out is a common problem in other Apple stores as well.

Apple has always been on the forefront of the retail experience, with its minimalist interiors and its sales representatives closing sales directly from their iPhones. This is why it was such a surprise that Apple, a lauded brand, had an odor challenge, and why Apple *should* want to eliminate it right away.

But the reality is that any retailer could be confronted with a similar odor challenge. We urge all retailers to develop a strong odor management strategy for countering odors before they even happen, one that utilizes natural solutions devoid of harsh chemicals and masking fragrances that simply cover up odors.

Competition in the retail sector is fierce. In addition to battling for revenue from similar brands, the online world is also shaking up this industry. Brick-and-mortar retailers ought do all they can to keep customers moving through their physical doors, not the least of which being to address any controllable factors that could cause customers to leave.