Whether it’s a commercial office, hospital, hotel, sports arena, or a casino, virtually all buildings have a wide-range of odors – from trash rooms to restrooms to food service areas and beyond.

For today’s facility managers, the ability to counter foul odors with the safest and most effective solutions is paramount. The reality is that many traditional odor control solutions contain harsh chemicals that can have harmful effects on people and the environment. And, given that facility professionals are often held accountable for providing clean and odor-free establishments, all odor complaints land directly in their laps.

In addition, as the demand for green cleaning solutions – often by building tenants – continues to increase, facility management leaders need to procure the safest, eco-friendly solutions.

These were the key themes of a recent Fresh Wave IAQ guest article in the December 2017 issue of Building Services Management magazine by Dr. Laura Haupert, Director, Research & Development at OMI Industries, makers of Fresh Wave IAQ.

In the article, Dr. Haupert discusses how Fresh Wave IAQ’s solutions are ideal for any type of odor issue – allowing facilities managers to develop 360-degree odor control plans. From restrooms to trash rooms and everything in-between, the comprehensive line of Fresh Wave IAQ solutions is safe to use, does not mask odors with “fragrance”, but actually removes the odors, and is backed by science.

Dr. Haupert also discusses how the new Fresh Wave IAQ Smoke Away Air & Fabric Liquid is ideal for tackling the most challenging cigarette and cannabis smoke odors.

Very popular with hospitality professionals in Las Vegas, this solution can be dispersed through powerful vapor phase units in any impacted area, and are much safer than traditional ozone machines for deodorizing guest rooms – allowing cleaning professionals to be in the areas while the treatment is occurring.

With foul odors being commonplace in virtually every type of building, facility managers continually fight bad smells on a daily basis. Fortunately, there are solutions that allow these professionals to focus larger priorities: ensuring that each building provides a safe and ideal environment for all occupants.

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