Massive Power Outages Cause Major Odor Issues for Consumers and Businesses

By July 5, 2012November 30th, 2018Janitorial & Sanitation

This summer, relentless heat and killer storms are once again making their way around the country with devastating results. The latest stream of violent storms, from the Midwest Plains to the Atlantic Coast, left more than 3 million people without electricity. Couple power outages with soaring temperatures – into the triple digits in many areas – and you’ve got dangerous spans of time with sweltering heat and no relief from air conditioning.

It also means zero refrigeration, so rotting food plagues powerless homes and businesses alike. It’s no secret that putrid food stinks, and though it may understandably not be the most newsworthy of events linked to inclement weather conditions, it does cause problems in its own right.

It may seem like the easy solution is just to open your refrigerator and freezer and toss out all perishable foods at the first sign of a prolonged power outage, and in many instances doing just that will nip any offensive smells before they even have a chance to grow. But suppose you are out of town for a few days when a mega-storm strikes down your power lines. You may be able to dispose of everything on your return home, but chances are that by that stage, the odors will have had ample time to settle in the air and quite possibly even the upholstery.

Or imagine you live in a crowded building with lots of refrigerators suddenly emptying out into the trash room, a trash room that may not be equipped to handle large overflows. Now you have an odor source that you can’t even control.

Likewise for businesses or restaurants stocked with food, and a dumpster that can hold just a small percent of the capacity of the refrigerators. Now you are losing business even on all of your non-food items because customers are turned away by the offensive odors.

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