The Importance of Keeping Apartment Dumpster Areas Smelling Fresh

By January 22, 2013January 30th, 2019Real Estate & Property Mgmt

When people are looking to rent or buy an apartment or condo, any rogue smells coming from the shared dumpster areas will most certainly play a role in their decision making process.

Though the absence of odors is not typically noted, it is safe to say that the smell of rotting garbage is bad for building owners – and few tenants want to live with such a stench seeping through doors and windows. This can be a particularly unbearable circumstance during warm weather months, when dumpster areas can take on a life of their own.

Leaking food containers, garbage bags not placed inside receptacles, overflowing bins, or improperly tied bags all contribute to one large, messy area of smell. This summer, a dumpster in Mississippi was actually so full that a neighboring apartment complex issued complaints about the stench.

If you are the owner or superintendent of an apartment building or condominium complex, it would be wise to develop an odor management strategy for your dumpster areas. Keeping them clean and fresh-smelling goes a long way when looking to entice new tenants to your building(s). The right odor management strategies can also enhance the value of a property.

Fresh Wave IAQ offers a unique and simple formula based on a proprietary blend of plant oils and water, which is environmentally friendly and actually eliminates odors without trying to hide them under a perfumey fragrance. Because of it’s natural ingredients, Fresh Wave IAQ also allows property managers to meet LEED certification requirements.

The reality of apartment living is that people are confined to close quarters, and any step taken to mitigate foul odors will keep residents happy for the long term.