Why Odor Management is a Blessing for Houses of Worship

By July 23, 2013November 30th, 2018Janitorial & Sanitation

Churches are supposed to be welcoming and special places that provide salvation and guidance for the faithful. But when you squeeze so many parishioners into the rows of pews, foul odors may be hard to avoid.

Consider some older churches, especially those that only open their doors on Sundays, with their buildup of must, mildew, and stale air smells over many years. Add incense to the mix – with some  churches boasting more than 100 years of incense odor buildup in carpets, fabrics, and other surfaces – and you round out a holy host of odor issues.

And think about how mega-churches – so named for their 2,000 or more congregants – have also grown in number, size, and popularity over the last 10 to 15 years. With more than half of all American churchgoers now attending the largest 10 percent of churches, know that any facility hosting more than 2,000 people at any given time will naturally feature some funk.

To help eliminate any foul odors, some scent companies have been marketing odor-masking scent products for churches to pipe through their air systems. These masking agents can be disagreeable to some – especially the elderly, who are traditionally the most devout of churchgoers – and can even cause allergic reactions.

Thankfully, there are all-natural, non-toxic odor management solutions that fully eliminate odors and don’t use chemical-based masking agents. Fresh Wave IAQ’s formula contains no harmful VOCs, no alcohol, and no fragrances of any kind, making it safe to use in places where people come to find peace.

Houses of worship are sacred places for the faithful; by creating a comfortable and odor-free environment, parishoners can be provided with a place that offers salvation from all of life’s challenges and difficulties … including foul smells.